1. Enter lemmas or word forms in the search field or upload a file
Be aware that by default it is considered that the letter ё is not equal to the letter е. You can change this below in the section "Basic information".

Use space to separate lemmas (e.g. кот кошка).

Each lemma must be on a separate line in the file.

Use space to separate word forms (e.g. коты кошками).

Each word form must be on a separate line in the file.

2. Select below the parameters you are interested in:

3. Press the button
Look here for some details about searching in the database
Basic information (frequency, orthography and phonology parameters)

To show variables of this group use:

See "About the project" tab to find out the sources for this parameter

**Only for word forms

See phoneme notation here


**Only for word forms

*(So far) only for lemmas

Semantic information

*(So far) only for lemmas

Neighborhood characteristics
To show variables of this group use:
Neighborhood types

By default neighbors with both adjacent and non-adjacent transposed letters are searched for. You can change this in the section "Additional transposition neighbor parameters"

**Only for neighbors longer than 2 letters

***Only for key words longer than 2 letters

**Only for word forms

Neighborhood parameters

Not applicable to bigram/trigram neighborhoods

*Including the input word

Find transposition neighbors where:

*Including the input word

***Not applicable to bigram/trigram neighborhoods

Homonymy, homography, and morphological ambiguity
Orthographically identical lemmas:
Orthographically identical forms:
Subjective parameters

*Only for some verb lemmas (according to the database "Verb and action")